Barry Island in winter

Not having much to do yesterday, and rejoicing in the possession of a newly-serviced and fully-functional car, Eoin and I decided to take a trip out to Barry Island. He hadn’t seen Gavin and Stacey, and was therefore free from preconceptions. I, on the other hand, was curious to discover whether the fiction reflected the reality.

It wasn’t really anything like I had expected: lots of beached boats, empty sand and wide, Constable-ish skies.

Looking back towards Penarth, we could see rain falling from the clouds over the coast and the sea.
All in all, it was rather lovely.
The breakwater has steps down one side, so you could play at being Louisa Musgrove on the Cobb at Lyme if the fancy took you.

Eoin thought it was all great, but I think that, in Austen terms, he sees himself more as the Captain Wentworth type. If, that is, Captain Wentworth spent most of his time in Lyme Regis trying to cadge chips from his mother. You just can’t find the heroes these days, can you?

2 thoughts on “Barry Island in winter

  1. This cute picture shows me there might be a hero in the making, though 😉 Our shortbread turned out quite well, actually. It had a lovely yellow colour due to the cornmeal. Much prettier than when I tried another recipe years ago. Simone was particularly pleased because the recipe worked well with her gluten-free flour (she has a slight allergy to gluten).

    Don’t you go imitating Louisa Musgrove and take a fall 😉

    PS. Austen is another favourite source of reference of mine!

    • Glad it turned out well! The cornflour really is the secret weapon: it helps to keep things moist.

      Eoin says hello, and thanks you for calling him heroic. Round here, he normally gets called “noisy” or “sticky”!

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