In which Eoin and I go to Cardiff Bay, and don’t meet a Dalek

As there’s only so many times a girl can eat cake in Foxy’s Deli in a week without starting to look like an addict, Eoin and I decided to venture out to Cardiff Bay in search of exciting architecture, Doctor Who and cake without incrimination. We were both excited, but Eoin was, almost literally, all eyes: On the way, we learned that changing trains at Queen Street is not advisable if you are toting a Maclaren: Eoin nearly got to ride up on a stairlift, but in the end I hauled him backwards up two flights of steps. He was unruffled, but I was really hoping that this Bay business was going to be worth the backache.

Fortunately, the first thing we found when we got there was the lovely Craft in the Bay gallery, which full of beautiful ceramics, textiles and other artworks, as well as a prominent mention of my new favourite word: I also found a lovely pair of knitted wristwarmers in seasidey colours. Of course, you realise I had to buy these, if only to support a fellow knitter. Also, it gets chilly when you’re by the sea, so really I was just being responsible. Honest.

Leaving the gallery, we found the very aptly-named Fabulous Welshcakes, where we were tempted to run away with all the baked goods in the shop. We did buy a couple of fresh Welshcakes, and Eoin was so taken with the piece he had that he made the special delighted growling noise he reserves for his favourite food. Hours later, I was still finding the crumbs and currants he had managed to secrete in his jacket.

We kept a weather eye out for Daleks, Cybermen or any other Who-related stuff. Sadly, there was not a sniff of a suckered arm to be had (I learned later that we should have tried the Castle Arcade, where there’s a life-size Dalek outside the fancy dress shop), but we did find the Torchwood/Ianto Jones shrine: Eoin was quite impressed, but opined that Miracle Day was a bit of a curate’s egg, and that no character really compared to Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All.

I did, however, get to admire the Millenium Centre, which turns out to be very photogenic, even with my current, slightly basic camera:
By the time we were heading home, the sun was starting to get low, and the clouds behind the Brains Brewery chimney made it look rather apocalyptic: After such an eventful day, it seemed only reasonable that we called into Foxy’s for a coffee. After all, they didn’t know about the Welshcakes, did they?


4 thoughts on “In which Eoin and I go to Cardiff Bay, and don’t meet a Dalek

  1. In this blog entry, I like your last sentence best. 🙂
    I looked up cwtch and am very happy to adopt it into my vocabulary.
    I am sending you a big cwtch from the valley of Wuppertal, Germany!

  2. Yay for cwtches and Fabulous Welshcakes (we are also big fans, esp the choc chip ones). Loving the wrist warmers – I feel I need them in my life!

    • I think combining the cwtch with the Welshcake might make life perfect! I highly recommend the wristwarmers: there were even some with fluffy edgings. Get out those needles and the self-striping yarn!

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