We don’t hang around here, you know.

We appear to have bought a house. It’s all a bit of a shock, as we only put the first offer in this morning, but everything has moved swiftly and our later offer was accepted. I think I officially have to stop blowing the housekeeping in Ikea now, don’t I? Hello mortgage, goodbye sparkly lights.

In other news, I just found my husband trying to chase today’s slug out of the kitchen with a piece of plastic packaging (why, yes: it was the box for some mini fairy lights from Ikea, since you ask. Eoin wanted them. Honest). I don’t know what he was doing wrong, but all I can say is that the slug looked properly offended with the whole process. It’s hard to believe that a slug can have a disgusted expression, but this one did. Perhaps it was used to being flicked out of a better class of back door on the lid from a box of Rococo chocolate truffles? The sooner we move away from the snooty gastropods, the better, I say.


4 thoughts on “We don’t hang around here, you know.

  1. Woo hoo, so excited! Just back from London & the smallest hotel room in the world! The Cure was excellent though! Off to see Eoins favourite band on Friday in London again. Can’t wait to visit Penarth now! Xx

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