Didactic? Not really.

I have realised that most of my recipes revolve around the concept that “it’s all up to you, really: do what you want”. I have a feeling I’d be a terrible chef.

3 thoughts on “Didactic? Not really.

  1. It reads fine – perhaps not for the total novice, but it’s good, use-what-you-and-what-you have sort of… guidance, rather than recipe.

    Better than me, anyway. Virtually all the stuff I make is a variation on a theme of something I already know how to do, with ‘hmm, I appear to have a packet of sugar snap peas and some sweet potato that needs eating’ as its major conceptual starting point.

    • Surely that’s the essence of proper cooking: making something good out of what you have. Mind you, there’ll be proper recipe-writing when I figure out how to make Hindle Wakes, of traditional Lancastrian dish fame. I’ve already scoured the market in Cardiff for a boiling fowl, and I’m working on the stuffing…

      • I should point out that the first sentence there was in reference to you and the sugar snap peas, not my general waffling!

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