I should have been writing a recipe…

…but Eoin has given me a horrid bug, and thinking about food is making me feel queasy.*

So, in honour of the little pox-monger, here’s an Eoin’s-eye view of the sea from Penarth Pier:

This wouldn’t be complete, of course, without a Mammy’s-eye view of Eoin:

No matter how sick you get, you couldn’t hold it against him, could you?

*It’s true: babies can take a regular bug, incubate it for a couple of days and then give it to you as soon as it has turned into some sort of influenza/Ebola virus hybrid. Just as you want to crawl under a duvet and expire quietly, they will be fully recovered, sprightly, and trying to poke you repeatedly in the eye with an exploratory thumb.


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