Seven reasons to love Penarth

  1. The town’s symbol is a bear. Bears are cool. ’Nuff said.
  2. This is what my husband’s commute to work looks like:

    There are blackberries at the moment, you know.

    This beats First Capital Connect into a cocked hat.

  3. Welsh Cakes. Half pancake, half scone: all delicious cakey, sultana-y goodness. If my consumption continues at current levels, I may soon be unable to get through the front door.
  4. Not only is the sea about five minutes’ walk from our front door, there is also a pier. This means you can drink tea and eat chips while dodging the seagulls and watching the waves. If growing up near Blackpool has taught me anything, it’s that the seaside isn’t complete without a pier somewhere around.*
  5. There are actual, proper hills nearby. After years of living in East Anglia, which is basically a bit like living on a giant ironing board, this is making me feel quite giddy. I’ve missed non-flat things.
  6. Penarth has not one but two butcher’s shops (one, I kid you not, is called Lush), and a fishmonger and game dealer. The latter has sawdust on the floor, and original tiled hunting scenes on the walls, all of which appeals to me on a very fundamental level. Also, they sell capons, as the picture proves. I didn’t think you could buy them anywhere outside of Shakespeare, but am now furiously googling capon recipes.

    That's sawdust on the floor, folks!

    The local fishmonger’s shop, with added capon.

  7. There’s both a wool shop and a bead shop. Amazingly, it has taken me this long to put two and two together and realise I can make my own stitch markers. Cue (hopefully) much squeeing from fellow yarny types, and polite incomprehension from the non-knitters among us. If anyone is interested, there may be pictures.
  8. The opportunity to learn a whole new language. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? So far I can say “hello”, “goodbye”, “thank you” and “grapes”. Reading the Mabinogion can only be a few weeks away…

*Other things Blackpool has taught me include not hanging around Talbot Square at night, and running like blazes from the terrifying laughing clown at the Pleasure Beach.

14 thoughts on “Seven reasons to love Penarth

    • S just read this and opined that you are very funny, and could the robots be daleks instead, please? I say, “hell, yes!”

      I’m seeking out a Welsh Cake recipe as we speak….

      • I could give you my Nana’s, but I’ll have to get permission from my parent’s first 😉

        Dad has made them sooo many times, to impress his mother-in-law, and even made a couple of non-dried fruit versions just for me! I even worked out the WW points once (under the old system).

      • Ooh, please! If your parents agree, of course. I’d love to try making them. Never mind about the typo, which was of course what it was, wasn’t it?

      • just noticed my appalling punctuation error – a hangover oversight!

  1. You made me curious so I read up on Penarth a bit. There must be lots of beautiful Victorian houses there. I’ve lived in cities with those all my life. Speaking of cities and architecture, I am vaguely planning to travel to St. Peterburg in Russia next year. Just as vaguely I remember from your FB posts that you’ve been there? Did you enjoy your stay? Can you recommend it?

    • It’s a lovely place: I think we’re going to be happy here. Plus, I’ve just found out that big chunks of Doctor Who etc are filmed here, including a scene in our street. Sadly, we missed that.

      I did very much enjoy visiting St Petersburg, though I think if you’re going soon you’ll need some serious thermal underwear! It’s a beautiful city, and we found it very welcoming. Try afternoon tea at the Astoria hotel: there are wonderful cakes and pastries, and it’s so lavish you won’t need to eat anything else all day. Highly recommended!

  2. Oooh, I am jealous, I want to live near the sea and a pier and eat welsh cakes. I don’t know what a Capon is though, so I probably wouldn’t pass the Penarth test. Glad you’re enjoying it though! I have bought beads to make stitch markers before but never got round to it; I sed to make jewellery so have all the bits and bobs but not the motivation.

    This rather disjointed comment bought to you by 8 weeks of insane library madness. DEAR GOD GIVE ME MY WEEK OFF NAO!

    Ahem, sorry, miss you!

    • I can make you stitch markers to order, if you like, but I can’t promise the greatness of the Atomic Knitting ones! The week off will come soon, I promise x

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    • Absolutely! We have plenty of space for visitors, finally, so you’d be more than welcome. S has even found some good independent wine sellers…

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