Hello again, world!

Once upon a time, I had a blog.

It was back in the heady days of being young, free and single-ish (or, at any rate, unmarried): I was a student, and I decided that I was going to write great insights on literature and culture, so I called the blog Biographia Literaria. I might not have been the new Samuel Taylor Coleridge, but, dash it all, this was going to be one erudite blog. Unfortunately, seven years of studying English, and generally picking holes in other people’s literary and cultural insights had pretty much paralysed me as far as actually writing anything new went. Obscure nineteenth-century novel about a taxidermist shipwrecked on an island full sentient apes? Hell, yes, I could criticise it! What happened in the news that morning? Not so much.

So, with little to actually say, the blog became a series of general observations on Stuff, and it fizzled out sometime around my honeymoon. The final post may have been about the Great Babelfish Mistranslation Debacle of 2007, which was actually pretty amusing, but not enough to save poor Biographia Literaria.

For a while, things were good in the world of the blog-less. I became a librarian, I had various jobs and, not so very long ago, I had a baby. I started to knit again, after years of refusing to do anything crafty because that wasn’t what academic people were supposed to do (don’t ask: I have some very odd ideas about what people think of me). Every so often, though, I found myself wishing I had some sort of a forum for ideas, photos, projects, recipes and general happenings. This bubbled along just below the surface for a while until about a week ago, when we moved from Cambridge, where I’d lived for the last fourteen years, to Cardiff. Suddenly, the siren call of the blog became irresistible.This time, though, I have no illusions about my ability to make great and important cultural pronouncements. However, as we have already established, I have a limited ability to come up with original stuff, and, having found a good literary-ish pun, I am not going to let it go in a hurry. As this blog is likely to focus on knitting, sewing and cooking, with a healthy dose of baby, I’ve swapped the literary for the domestic. There will still be a batch of anecdotes about Stuff, but hopefully they won’t be quite so out of place here. There might even be the odd book.

So, here goes: hello again, world!


8 thoughts on “Hello again, world!

  1. World speaking: Hello back at you! (No, I don’t consider myself to be the world, only your ending lent itself to this reply). Looking forward to reading you! Bettina D.

  2. *waves* Hello Lorna!

    I like your flowery bit on the top. Also, sewing and cooking and knitting (and the occasional baby) are the blogs I actually tend to follow and read properly… maybe that makes me a bad librarian, but More Please! anyway.

    • Hello back at you! The header is a hipstamatic picture of some pear blossom in my old street last summer: I spotted it lurking on the hard drive and hoped it might work. I’ll try to keep things interesting!

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